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仙台七夕まつり 2012 Sendai Tanabata Festival 2012 (35pictures)

vivid sendai tanabata decorations :)


Summer is a season for Sendai Tanabata Festival ☆彡
Tanabata is celebrated in many east-asian countries includes China.

It's held in July 7, in many places in Japan
but in Sendai it's held in every August 6 - 8 based on Chinese calendar.

Looking above from the pedestrian deck near Sendai Station.

gold and blue colored tanabata decorations

blue and orange colored tanabata decorations

 アーケードへ。Inside the shopping arcade.

tanabata decorations in Hapina Nakakecho

colorful tanabata decorations in Hapina Nakakecho

accurate tanabata decorations!

In Tanabata, we make wishes, write it down on a paper 
and put it on the bamboos or decorations like this.

(left: I wish the disaster-affected cities and the people's mental recovery.)
(right: I wish the people in Fukushima can restart their agricultural works.)

wishes for cities destroyed by the disaster and people lives in Fukushima Prefecture

japanese calligraphy on the tanabata decoration


This one was set by Vegalta Sendai, the professional football club in Sendai,
and its name "Vegalta" came from Tanabata story,
Orihime(female, star of Vega) and Hikoboshi(male, star of Altair) only can meet once a year, day of Tanabata.

vegalta's tanabata decoration

こっちはGINZA TANAKAさん(スポンサー様)前の金の短冊。
Vegalta's sponsor GINZA TANAKA(jewelry shop)'s golden wishing paper.
(left: Everyone's happiness)
(front: Vegalta Sendai's victory!!)

wishing vegalta's victory on the golden wishing paper

accurate tanabata decorations

plants' name written on the tanabata decorations

colorful tanabata decorations

ノーモア ヒロシマ、ノーモア ナガサキを祈っての千羽鶴。
Thousands of paper cranes wishing for "No more Hiroshima" and "No more Nagasaki"
August 6, 1945 is when atomic bomb was dropped to Hiroshima City and
August 9, 1945 Nagasaki City.

no more hiroshima, no more nagasaki

眼鏡屋さんの吹き流し。Decorations by glasses shop.

tanabata decorations by glasses shop

Sasa Kamaboko(kind of surimi, Sendai's special products) shops always decorate very beautiful and accurate one.

under the tanabata decoration by fujisaki

吹き流しを支える滑車たち。Pulleys for the big decorations.

pulleys for the tanabata decorations

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