Saturday, June 30, 2012

伊里前商店街 はためくJフラッグ colorful flags flutter in disaster-stricken area, Isatomae

tairyobata and jleague flags

6月下旬、南三陸町 歌津に行ってきました。

At the end of June, I went to Utatsu area in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi, 
which was hit by the tsunami last year, 100km northeast from Sendai City.


There was a project to hoist colorful J-league (Japanese football league) flags around Isatomae shopping district by site of community center which was carried away by tsunami.
Some of the flags were already there. 
But this day supporter of Yokohama F Marinos who came from far Kanto region (close to Tokyo) brought many flags (about 20 more?) he gathered from many J-league clubs.

colorful flags in isatomae

I also ate delicious Utatsu foods.

Utatsu's cake and its colored green by the wakame seaweed!

seawead colored cake

And also I had uni (sea-urchin, you can see it in Japanese sushi restaurant) with hot rice!

sea-urchin uni with hot rice


People in the shopping district were very delighted about increasing flags.
This colorful scenery also made 2 boys playing soccer at that place.
I remember one of person in the town said "I've never seen these kind of scenery (after disaster)".

japanese traditional tairyobata (flag)


Not only delightful scenery I had seen there.
Turn around and you can see the ruins of the houses and the bridge without the road.

utatsu after disaster

ruins of the houses

ruins of houses (entrance)

tsunami hit even this height

錆びた「津波到達予測水位 6.9m」の看板が横に置かれていた。
I found a rusty "estimated tsunami height 6.9m" sign fallen.

"estimated tsunami height 6.9m" sign fallen

the place where tsunami hit with vegalta flag

ruins of the houses and colorful flags

I hope the colorful flags make many smiles of people in Utatsu :)

旗がまたさらに増えたようです! (商店街HPより)
It seems to be more and more flags come after our visit!

■伊里前福幸商店街 Isatomae 福幸(fortune & happiness) shopping district

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