Wednesday, July 11, 2012

梅雨の資福寺 hydrangeas in Shifukuji Temple

梅雨の北山 資福寺。7月上旬、満開のあじさい。

Beginning of July, rainy season in Japan and  it's also a season for hydrangeas.
Shifukuji Temple in Kitayama, Aoba Ward, Sendai is famous for them.

light blue hydrangea

vivid pink hydrangeas

vivid blue hydrangeas

light pink and white hydrangea

waterdrop on white hydrangea

purple hydrangea after rain

Place for washing hands, that you can see in many temples and shrines in Japan,
there were turtles in Yakushido Temple, but here was a dragon.

dragon fountain

center of hydrangea

pink hydrangeas blooms in the temple

I could hear birds and insects' voices, waterdrop falling to the ground,
and also smell soil after raining.
I felt summer coming.

waterdrop on hydrangea petal

after the rain, waterdrops was sparkling on hydrangea

Interesting (and little bit weird) pattern made by pile of bamboos.

bamboos behind hydrangeas

pink and blue hydrangeas and pile of bamboos

Looking bamboos, I remember about Sendai Tanabata Festival (which uses many bamboos)
It'll be held on beginning of next month in Sendai.

a stone lantern and blue hydrangeas

pink hydrangeas and a path

way to the temple, lots of lots of colorful hydrangeas :)

wooden gate of the temple, you can see many hydrangea both inside and outside the gate


Trees,soil,flowers and rocks. Birds, bugs, water and rain.
Temple always makes me feel relaxed.

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